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Best Light & Professional Camera Slider

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  If you are fed up with the heavy burden of an ordinary tripod, be sure to try this cute portable tripod. It is made of metal and silicone. Whether it is perched on a rock or hanging on a stick, it holds your machine firmly. Selfie are saved!

  Multifunctional tripod

  Photographs of people to travel, in addition to bring a variety of lenses, tripod is also essential. This multi-purpose tripod with mobile camera slider, shoulder, tripod, Selfie and other functions. Lightweight, easy to install, easy to carry.

  Time-lapse photography, English called Timelapse, also known as time-lapse photography. Through the pre-shot at a certain interval of time under a series of photos in the video frame rate for playback, in order to achieve the effect of compression time. Large-scale mobile hyperlapse is a time-lapse photography of the movement of the lens. Dynamic movement of the moving lens combined with time compression of the time-lapse photography can make the picture more vivid and full of tension.

  Shooting a wide range of mobile delay, usually need to pay attention to what time:

  1, determine the reference point:

  Prior to shooting to determine the reference point in the screen, to prevent the main screen in the post-video to produce about shaking. The choice of reference points generally have the following criteria:

  A. A fixed point that will not disappear during filming, including being hidden from view during filming;

  B. A clear point of easy aiming;

  C. Near the middle of the screen

  The screen calibration points can generally be set by way of intersection of grid lines, focusing point or marking on the screen. After each move to ensure that the reference point and the selected screen calibration points remain coincident.

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