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Capture Moving Timelapse Video with sevenoak Camera Slider

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Time-lapse, also known as Time-lapse, is a time-compressed recording technique that compresses videos in minutes or days for a few years.

As mobile technology continues to evolve, applications are constantly being updated. Some handy camera phones are more advanced than traditional cameras and are easy to carry. A mobile phone is enough for ALICE lovers! In addition, cell phone shots More accessible to social media.

Change, move and dynamic time-lapse photography are the best ways to show the passage of time. The "change, move, and motion" of things is the soul of time-lapse photography! Quickly capturing the soul requires careful observation and attention to the following points: Oh better effect.

The rapid development of the Internet and the convenience of shooting equipment have made the small, fast-paced and diversified short films a favorite for young people. "Everyone is a director" is not empty talk. Whether it is creative or fun video, as long as someone onlookers, as long as you "fire" "red", you can make money, this is also a direct cause of attracting new directors into the pit, but even short videos, but also starting from the equipment , First understand how it is shot.

The welfare of the platform can make small short films fast growth, such as micro-film without excessive investment in film and television production, but as a director of short films, due to limited budget, pre-investment in equipment must be implemented. However, equipment is like eating, you can save money by the people, the equipment included in this article is based on micro-film specifications to divide, hoping to list the basic equipment, to give some guidance to the players....

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